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Lalu is about art! We develop life skills through art. Lalu is a creative arts studio and is founded on the belief that each and every day, we need the opportunity to engage in the creative process: to imagine, to create, and to play.

Lalu’s art classes help children develop their imagination and creativity, gain confidence by providing an open and accepting learning environment, build fine and gross motor skills, encourage creative problem-solving, and promote an understanding of themselves and the world around them.

Lalu’s curriculum encourages children to think imaginatively, creatively, purposefully, originally, and playfully. We introduce them to materials where they can discover their own voice, have their voice heard, and think in new ways to make and experience art.

4317 Tennyson Street

Denver, CO 80212 US
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Our schedule depends upon when classes are offered.
We are always open from 10:00 - 3:00, Tuesday thru Friday.
Open studio is offered on Saturday's when we are not hosting birthday parties.
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